Hi - I'm Jenny. Creative mess, shutterbug, beach lover & mom.


I'm Jenny.

Web developer, graphics girl, shutterbug and mom. I own a  small freelance company, EnSite Design, that specializes in digital design. I'd love to run off and tour the world with my camera (and  family) in tow, but everyone isn't really on board with that idea (yet).  So in the mean time, I'll keep working a "real" job that gives me a  "real" paycheck and designing the FUN stuff through my freelance business. Photography is really the FUN stuff and most that know me  personally, know that I'm the girl that always has the camera on hand.  I've always loved kids and my mom really thought I'd be a teacher.  A Mass Communication degree is what I ended up with. I do love children and being a shutterbug for my kids and friends' kids is really what  makes me smile. So I've made this site to share some of my favorite  shots of some of the things I love the most. 

I hope you enjoy this blog  as much as I enjoy being creative.
Happy viewing! ~ Jenny